Dây chuyền Pure Amber Choker

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Khai thác tại Myanmar 

Hăng hái - Lạc quan - Bình tĩnh 

Hổ phách là viên đá giúp bạn lạc quan hơn 

Giúp tăng khả năng giải quyết vấn đề và đối mặt với khó khăn

Formed from sap and fossil after more than 90 million years. The main source used by Quartzaholic is Burmese amber, which is yellow, brown and reddish brown.

The golden brilliance of amber has inspired many traditions to embrace positive qualities that came from the stone. Golden amber stone meaning is often associated with something that reflects spirit, courage and bravery. 

Amber has instant effect of making people feel more spirited and happy, like when the sun of spring and summer lighting up the earth after winter. This is often turned into a charm that marketed as the happiness or joy charms, and is especially good if you want to feel young. 

Amber is also a stone that lifts up spirit, and amber stone meaning was associated with sun that helps people feel spirited in the middle of bleak or gloomy situations. It also encourages optimism and, in the end, ability to solve problems and face difficulties. 


  • Cacbochon stones, size ~4mm 

Hợp mệnh: Thổ, Hoả | Fengsui: Earth, Fire

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Chất liệu: Bạc 925

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